Tips on loading your dumpster

Many people think that filling and loading doesn’t require any previous knowledge or experience. However, that’s completely wrong. In fact, it’s crucial that you fill it in a proper way because you’ll do it more efficiently and you’ll be able to put more stuff in than usual. Here are some tips on how to load it correctly.

Break larger items down

Any large item that can be broken down should be broken down to facilitate both the loading and unloading. This step will help you maximize the amount of free space within a container. Instead of randomly tossing stuff into the dumpster, try to take a moment and break down the stuff you can. You’ll see that you’ll get much more free space and you’ll be able to fill it without much hassle. Also, you’ll save a lot of time and effort.

Organize the junk as much as you can

Many people make a common mistake of leaving large empty gaps in the container that could otherwise be filled with debris. Also, the gaps in the dumpster could cause you to run out of free space. If you take a moment and organize the junk well, you’ll fill the container much more efficiently. One method you could use is – stacking. For example, if you have a lot of same-sized items, try stacking them vertically. This method saves space, effort, and time.

Spread the junk in an even matter

Spreading the trash is one of the most important steps toward a successful loading. If you don’t spread it in an even matter, you are jeopardizing the balance of the whole container. Safety of our clients and us is the number one thing we pay attention to. Therefore, it’s crucial that you spread the debris or else you risk potential injuries. Also, don’t categorize the stuff by its weight. Many people make a mistake and put heavy things in one corner and light things in another corner. This method can also cause it to go off balance.

Don’t overfill

Overfilling is among the most common reasons for accidents and injuries. The optimal level of junk is around 80% of the overall capacity. If you overfill it, debris could fall off, and that’s especially dangerous in traffic. Also, don’t forget to ask the company if they’re using a tarp for their dumpsters.

Always think about safety

If you’re loading a container, always remember to wear safety equipment. That includes gloves, goggles, and work boots. Never get into the container if not necessary, let the professionals do that part of the job, dumpster rental Chicago will take care of it.

Furthermore, remember to put something between the soil and the container. People usually use plywood or steel plates. Avoid putting it on the wet ground because it will sink in due to its weight. This method of protection is great because it spreads the weight and preserves the soil underneath as much as possible.